12642816_995297807194264_8965539593516650337_n“Serving Special Needs”

Ability to pay IS NOT a prerequisite to receive help for chemical dependency.

Health care trends now demonstrate that successful outcomes are best realized when each person is thoroughly assessed, accurately diagnosed and appropriately placed into the treatment setting and intensity of care that best fits their clinical needs.

Gateway Community Services serves as a “Critical Care Access Center” for alcohol and drug abuse and provides access to the following levels of care:

Level .5 – Early Intervention Services are offered in the form of educational sessions to address problems or risk factors associated with substance abuse.

Level I – Gateway provides Evaluation and Outpatient Services including structured relapse prevention programs. Outpatient groups may also be provided as a follow-up to primary treatment.

Level II – For some, recovery depends upon an extended hospital stay. For others, an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program as offered by Gateway, is more appropriate, or a combination of both. That is why Gateway’s Individualized Outpatient Care Model was developed. It is designed to meet the special needs of patients in the early stages of their illness, or who need extended treatment after an inpatient stay. Additionally, it is a valuable resource for patients in need of treatment who cannot take time away from work or school commitments, or who are unable to afford the expense of inpatient care.

Level III – Gateway’s Staff coordinate and refer to local and regional Inpatient Treatment Providers when this level of care is clinically indicated.

Level IV – Gateway’s Staff coordinates with local physicians and hospitals to address Detoxification and Medical Stabilization Needs.

Co-Occurring Treatment Services – For clients who have co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders, services are provided. Co-occurring services are limited depending on the severity of both the mental health and chemical dependency problems. Gateway Community Services is dual diagnosis capable and can meet the needs of patients whose psychiatric disorders are stable and who are capable of independent functioning, so that their mental health disorders do not significantly interfere with their addiction treatment experience.