Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Gateway Community Services offers an Employee Assistance Program to businesses and organizations in Cascade County for a nominal fee. Supervisors, employees and their immediate family members have access to 3 free counseling sessions to assess the nature and severity of the problem and the EAP counselor can refer that person to the appropriate care. In some cases a referral may not be needed, all that is necessary to get back on the right track are a few counseling sessions with the EAP counselor.

Gateway’s EAP offers employers assistance in maintaining a healthy and well-adjusted work-force. The basic function of the EAP is to assist employees with their personal problems, which could adversely affect job performance by making an accurate assessment of the nature of such problems and securing appropriate care. All members of an employee’s immediate family are eligible to receive EAP services.

Gateway’s EAP Provides:

  1. Short term counseling and referral, when appropriate.
  2. Mediation services for co-worker issues.
  3. Special health related presentations, when requested.
  4. Assistance in establishing a wellness program for employees, when requested.