ATI3Prevention is the pro-active process of creating and sustaining conditions that address risk and promote the safety, personal responsibility and well-being of people. Primary prevention programs in the areas of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are aimed at educating individuals and communities on alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse and changing the laws and policies as well as the perception in the community to reduce the risk of such abuse. Primary prevention programs shall include strategies that are developed to meet the needs and the conditions of the community as a whole.

Gateway Community Services provides a wide array of prevention services to Cascade, Liberty, Toole, Pondera, Glacier and Teton Counties. It is our mission to provide all members of the community with pertinent information to assist in making healthy choices regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

What is a “Best Practice Program”?

Many of the projects that Gateway Community Services sponsors are “Evidence Based Programs”. These are strategies and programs that have been shown through substantial research and evaluation to be effective in preventing and/ or delaying substance abuse.

Environmental Prevention Strategies have become the focus of Prevention in our service areas.This strategy establishes or changes written and unwritten community standards, codes or attributes thereby influencing incidence and prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse in the general population.

Gateway Community Services works collaboratively with other local organizations to bring you many prevention activities. Our community participation expands many projects, a variety of programs and community representation.

For more information about Prevention Services, call (406) 727-2512.