About Us

Gateway Community Services is a non-profit organization providing outpatient addiction services to the residents of Cascade County for over 50 years.  We provide a safe, welcoming facility for those who need assistance with addiction issues.


Gateway Community Services’ mission is to provide quality comprehensive community focused recovery based services addressing the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.


To be a community based, highly respected organization acknowledged to be the best addiction center in Montana; offering compassionate, client-focused, professional help to those in need.


The services provided by Gateway are centered on our concern for the dignity of the person, for the preservation of life, and for the promotion and restoration of health.

The growing recognition of the problems created by chemical dependency in our society requires that we establish a recovery treatment program where the dignity of the patient as a human person shall be of primary consideration, and where the patient can receive access to total care directed to meeting physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Optimal patient care will be achieved through utilization of competent personnel working in an organization responsive to community needs; one that is committed to cooperation with community health facilities and agencies in planning, sharing, and developing continuing programs of service, education and research in the chemical dependency field.

Gateway’s goal will be to motivate patients for abstinence or to be chemical free, and assist patients and their families in changing self-destructive behaviors to allow for healthier lifestyles.  Gateway advocates the utilization of a multi-disciplinary treatment modality allowing for individualized treatment through the application of patient placement based on patient need and clinical setting.


  • Collaborative and Cooperative Community Partnerships
  • Accessible and Affordable Services
  • Individualized Care
  • Integrity, Respect and Confidentiality
  • Professional and Innovative Programming


We Promise to:

  • Serve all patients
  • Offer discounted fees for patients who qualify
  • Not deny services based on a person’s:
    • Race 
    • National origin
    • Religion
    • Color
    • Sex                   
    • Disability
    • Sexual orientation
    • Inability to Pay
  • Accept insurance, including:
    • Medicaid